5 Tips to Build Credibility in the Real Estate Market in Florida

5 Tips to Build Credibility in the Real Estate Market in Florida

Being a professional in the real estate market requires gaining the trust of a wide variety of people ranging from other agents to clients and business partners. Trust is rooted in credibility; without it, people will lack confidence that you will follow through as promised. Here are 5 tips to build credibility in the real estate … Continued

Rental Properties: Most Common Mistakes and Tenants To Avoid

Purchasing a rental property is the perfect way to diversify your investment portfolio and start accumulating long term wealth.   There are a number of benefits that accompany owning a rental property, most of which involve the passive income that comes with the investment. While passive income sounds like an easy way to make money, there … Continued

Are You REALLY Ready to Buy a Home in Miami?

Are You REALLY Ready to Buy a Home in Miami?

If you have been considering buying a house, you will need to make sure you are really ready. There are often unanticipated costs, so before you dive in, read on to make sure it’s the right decision for you! Our tips will help you decide if it is the right time, and help you get on … Continued

5 Reasons to Buy an Investment Property This Spring in Florida

Are you thinking about buying an investment property in the near future? You can buy any time of year but you may want to think about buying this spring. Make sure you read this blog post to discover 5 reasons to buy an investment property this spring in Florida. 5 reasons to buy an investment … Continued


The 4 Best Ways to Wholesale Properties in Florida

Buying and selling real estate as an investor is not always as simple as it may seem. Newbie real estate investors often become overwhelmed at just how much is involved in the process of any real estate transaction. Wholesaling is a great alternative to help you learn what makes a great deal, gain a better … Continued

First Time Buyers Mistakes | Miami Wholesale Homes | Miami

First time buyers should not feel intimated by the real estate market but they should be somewhat knowledgeable! Buying a home can be very exciting but one mistake could take the wind right out of your sails. Read below to see our list of the biggest mistakes first-time buyers commit. This will hopefully allow you to  prepare ahead of … Continued

Is Foreclosure Investing Right for You

Is Foreclosure Investing Right for You?

Is Foreclosure Investing Right for You?   Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade you are aware of the impact foreclosures have had on the real estate market. Fortunately, things have improved dramatically since the market collapsed but there are still foreclosure deals available. One of the big misconceptions is … Continued