Helping Wholesalers Move Their Deals FAST!

Co- Wholesaling / Joint Venture

Miami Wholesale Homes is an initiative to help growing wholesalers + SELLERS move their deals fast and effectively. Our years of experience in the business has given us the opportunity to build relationship with investors. Do you have a deal you need to move fast? Our buyers list is one of the largest in Florida, if not the U.S. Our buyers are ready and NEEDING your deals!


In Revenue Made Through Partnerships YTD!

Who do you work with?

Do you work with New or Experienced Wholesalers?

Miami Wholesale Homes Is Florida’s Largest Disposition Outlet

Miami Wholesale Homes works with Wholesalers at any level. 

For New Wholesalers, getting started can be the hardest part. We can work with you 1 on 1. From how to prospect, negotiating the deal, the getting the contract. Our Disposition Agents can help you move your deal in almost no time.

For the Established Wholesaler our large 100,000+ buyers are willing and ready to buy your deal. We give your property our signature VIP Treatment. We handle buyers and can handle open houses. We work with all issues with title for worry-free closing. It’s a true set-it and forget-it program.

  • Buyer Syndication
  • Multiple Offers
  • Title Issues Handled
  • Marketing
  • Our buyers don’t buy – YOU don’t pay!

Ready for Your Property to Be Viewed By Thousands of Cash Buyers?

Here’s how it works:

Imagine posting your house for sale on craigslist. Despite the large audience, you’re guaranteed to be bombarded by tire kickers, spammers, scammers, Realtors looking for listing prospects, unqualified buyers and a host of other “time-wasters.”

Now imagine posting your house for sale, but having your advertisement delivered ONLY to quality, cash buyers who are actively looking for investment properties.

That’s EXACTLY what we provide for you here at Miami Wholesale Homes.  When you submit your property today, your deal will be listed on our website AND delivered to over 100,000+ highly qualified cash buyers in the Florida Market.

Our team of expert callers will even send text messages and make phone calls on your behalf to ACTIVELY sell your deals to our VIP investors whose buying criteria and preferences match your property (for FREE).

Unlike similar websites, this opportunity is provided to you ABSOLUTELY FREE of charge, and there is no obligation to accept an offer from one of our buyers.

To take advantage of our services and advertise your property email properties to

You must own or have DIRECT equitable interest in the property (No Daisy Chain Properties Please)

If your deal expires, is canceled, or sold, we ask that you kindly email us or shot us a text so that we can update our site.

Thanks again for your interest in a Joint Venture partnership and we look forward to doing mutually beneficial business with you.