Your Real Estate Network: Is it huge, strong or both?

Your Real Estate Network – Is it huge, strong or both?

It’s all about your Real Estate network.

There are two different schools of thought on how deep you need to go with these people. I’m talking about how you need to go about building the relationship. There are essentially two ways you can look at it…

Deep and Low-volume…
Shallow and High-volume..

Me, I think you have to do both with your Real Estate network. Here’s why you shouldn’t do ONLY 1.

ONLY Low-Volume / Deep: If all you do is put all your efforts into building extremely solid, deep relationships with your Real Estate network, you are going to end up with some SUPER people, but your options are going to be limited. You aren’t going to end up having the kind of broad, wide exposure that you need in your business. In a business like this one, that is all about the numbers, you’ve got to try to get in front of as many people as possible or you are going to stagnate and die.

ONLY High-Volume / Shallow: If all you do is put your efforts into collecting as many email addresses, names, and phone numbers as possible, but you don’t ever dig in deeper to strengthen those relationships, you end up with a very superficial business Real Estate network. You feel like you have a good thing going, but really you just have a “list” – but nobody really knows you and what you are about. Sure, you are going to have some crazy exposure to a wide audience, but you will have very little tangible value amongst the people you know.

Real Estate NetworkAlright, so here’s what I do. It’s easy…

I FOCUS on the High-Volume / Shallow methodology, and I build the long-lasting relationships with the “cream of the crop” – the people that rise to the top.

So whenever someone stands out from the crowd in the “Shallow” group, I dig in and work to elevate them to the “Deep” group. I’ll get to know them closely, explore how they can best fit into my business, and really work to build out a lasting business relationship with that person.

So, I suggest doing both and just focus on building the strong relationships with the people that really contrast against the broader group of contacts. In that way you’ve got the best of both worlds, you’ve got a great standard to screen your contacts against, you’ve got the broad exposure to your Real Estate network, and you’ve got a super source of excellent contacts – just pick the best ones out from the masses. Also, in this way, you have to directly focus your efforts on seeking out the best contacts from each sector of the industry – they’ll come to you!

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