Real Estate Offers and Following Up.. Are You Dead In The Water?

Real Estate Offers and Following Up.. Are You Dead In The Water?

This might sting a bit…Real Estate offers and following up

If you aren’t doing these 2 critical things, you are dead in the water –


Here’s the thing… If you aren’t making Real Estate offers AND following up, you are in trouble – at least as far as your Real Estate results are concerned.

You see, you can make a handful of offers every once in a while… You can give a few people a follow-up call here and there… BUT, if you aren’t doing everything on a serious and consistent level, you aren’t going to see any real, tangible results from your “efforts”. It’s this kind of approach to this business that makes most people fail and get burnt out. With this half-way approach, sure you might get lucky every once in a while, but you aren’t going to be picking up any real momentum that you can build on, grow, and prosper.

It’s takes doing BOTH, making Real Estate offers and following up consistently to see real results. That’s all there really is to it. Doing 1 without the other, will NOT give you good results.  I mean, if you are going to put the effort into making an offer, you might as well do whatever it takes to get something out of it, right?? That’s called getting a return – don’t invest money OR time into something if you are not going to get a worthwhile return from it.

Now, let me also say that at times I’ve been just as guilty as the next person at slacking off and not taking my Real Estate offers and following up as seriously as I should. It takes practice, and perseverance to really make it happen, but I can can say this – when I am focused on making lots of Real Estate offers and following up on those offers CONSISTENTLY, I can always tell a big difference in my bottom-line for that period of time.

Seems like whenever I experience a really profitable period of time, I can look back and acknowledge the fact that I was practicing those 2 items in a focused, diligent, and relentless manner.

Make a commitment to yourself that anytime you put the time and energy into placing an offer on a property, you will also make a secondary commitment to put that offer in a follow-up sequence of some sort. The thing is, offers are almost never accepted initially. So if you are guilty of not following up on your offers, you are losing GOBS of money that you never knew you had. There’s a huge leak in your business in the form of poor or non-existent followup. If this is you, work to plug that leak and you should experience a nearly immediate boost in your bottom-line.

So, think about your own processes. Consider how you handle your Real Estate offers and following up. Are there ways you can improve? Are you really taking both aspects as seriously as you should in your own business?

Food for thought.

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