We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about MiamiWholesaleHomes.net.

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Hi Elio! Everything was done. Thanks a lot and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Keep in touch for new business!!!!

- Nina Gonzalez, Miami Florida

Nothing is needed to make the site better…keep up the good work…I love the information that is supplied. Your site has been very helpful to me. Thanks for everything…

- Sabrina H., Miami Gardens

We have found a home and are closing next week. Elio was extremely helpful and aided us in the search for a home. We will refer other potential homeowners to your website. Thank you.

- Lianne B., Aventura

I found a house! I was able to find a house in a very well kept neighborhood that I wanted to live in but did not think I could afford. I love sales and feel I got a house on sale. I am very pleased.

- Julia D., South Miami

I FOUND MY DREAM HOME!!! The website got me to an area that I never thought of. I have found a great deal, and saved about $150,000. I did look at many foreclosures, but with patience, and the help of MiamiWholesaleHomes.net I was able to find a great deal !!! I am so happy.

- Steve S., Miami Beach

I have known Elio for many years now. He is a stand-up guy who does this business ethically and honestly, and it’s nice knowing he’s available on speed-dial when I need him.
Whether you are selling a house to Elio, buying a house from Miami Wholesale Homes, or working on a deal with him, rest assured you are working with one really great guy and he will do his best to serve you well.

- Brandon Yeager

I’ve worked with Miami Wholesale Homes since about 2012, I’ve partnered on two wholesale deals, and I’ve also purchased 4 properties from Miami Wholesale Homes. I’ve learned so much about wholesaling, closings, negotiations, contracts, and real estate investing in general on my first deal I feel it was equivalent to 5 years of experience.
Miami Wholesale Homes knows the real estate market in South Florida better than anyone else, Miami Wholesale Homes is known for honest business dealings and integrity. Everything is presented honestly, good, bad and ugly. When you buy a property, you know exactly what you are getting, nothing is overblown or puffed up. Longevity in this business requires competence, honesty, and good deals that make money. Miami Wholesale Homes has all of those qualities.
Miami Wholesale Homes has a great investing business because people who work with Miami Wholesale Homes or buy from Miami Wholesale Homes keep coming back. People who buy, make money, people who make money, work with you over and over again. I’ve come to know a lot of people in this industry, I’ve never run across anyone who does not know of Miami Wholesale Homes or who has anything bad at all to say. I think that really says it all.

- Angela Burton, Owner, AB Real Estate

I met Elio Avrilien several years ago at my local real estate investor’s group & bought a property from him soon thereafter. It was my first “flip” & I was nervous! He told me what it needed & what he thought the profit would be & offered alot of patience, invaluable information & support. He was right on the money with all of it & a pleasure to deal with. I made a 20K profit, just like he said I would if I followed his advice. Since then, I’ve gone on to do lots of other profitable deals. Elio is very honest, helpful & forthright. If only there were more people like him in the real estate industry! I have had numerous encounters with him since then & always found him to be a great guy that I can trust. If I’m ever in search of an answer or unsure of myself or want to bounce an idea off a seasoned real estate pro, he’s one of the people I call. I would highly recommend him to fellow investors. He’s a great resource for information & someone you can count on!

- Amy Scarnati

I live in California but invest in the Miami area, mostly because I have the help of my wholesaler, Elio Avrilien at Miami Wholesale Homes, who has more knowledge and expertise regarding his local market than any other investor or RE professional I know of. I have purchased five great deals from him in the last year and I expect to buy many more from him. He’s the kind of guy that you know immediately you can trust. He’s up-front about the needed repairs on the properties, and there are no surprises. He takes very thorough videos and pictures, so I can buy from him site-unseen and know exactly what I’m getting. I’ve scoured the Miami market online and I can’t find better deals than Elio has. I’ve also had the privilege of touring the Miami area with Elio personally and learning a lot about the Miami market, as it differs substantially from the other markets I’ve invested in. The cash flow from these properties is unprecedented, and I don’t need a mortgage company because the total prices are less than my down payments were on houses I had purchased in other markets. I give Elio and his company an A+ rating.

- Chris Dennis

As real estate investors, it is very important to have a network of professionals to work with. Elio and his team at Miami Wholesale Homes went above and beyond our expectations during our transaction and we got a really sweet deal on a rental.

- Jamie and Annie